Testimonials | Relaxing Relief Massage

Jessie was great. It was my first time utilizing her and she is very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. The hot stones were fabulous. She really focused on areas she felt were in need as well as what I asked for. I can’t wait to go back! – Tammy

Wow! I was amazed at how relaxed and refreshed I felt after my massage. I did fall asleep at one point. Not because the pressure was not enough but because it was so relaxing. I will be going to see her again. – Angela

Needed just a really relaxing massage and got an awesome massage. Jessie just does the massage in a very slow methodical calming pace. Never rushes the customer and has a positive attitude. – Janet

     “I get massages quite a bit. I try to find a Groupon to get a good deal so I’ve tried MANY different massage therapists. Jessie was the BEST I’ve had. She was able to get out knots I’ve had in my shoulders for many years. Most other massage therapists end my massage saying “Well, I tried, but as you could probably tell, you had some tough knots!” I am definitely going to be booking another appointment! Jessie is OFFICIALLY my go to massage therapist.” – Emily K.

My experience with Jessica was amazing! She listened and followed through giving attention to tension in my shoulders and plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I left feeling the flexibility I had 15 years ago! I made a second appointment with no reservation. Thank you Jessica!  – Janice

Always have a great experience coming here. Jessie is great at what she does!, – Heidi Z.


     “Jessie is a true professional, always on time, up beat and knows what she’s doing. I always feel great after a session with her.” – Char K.

     “1st visit. Jessie was great. She used hot stones as part of massage. That was a 1st for me and add to the experience. I set up the next appointment right away. Highly Recommended” – Jim

     “Jessie was wonderful. The massage room was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my massage.”  – Jamie C.

     “I have been dealing with sciatica due to pregnancy, she fixes it!”  – Amanda


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